Meeting the Growing Demand for Quality Content

Founded by Hollywood and Wall Street veterans, Incunable Productions (IP) combines entertainment expertise with financial savvy to create a new approach to TV and film development. The way content is developed, monetized, and experienced by the world is changing rapidly. The burgeoning demand for high-quality content among traditional and new media distributors continues to grow at a fast pace. These changes are opening up exciting new opportunities for innovators and investors.

Our goal is to take advantage of these opportunities in the entertainment industry by developing a broad portfolio of diverse and commercially viable projects that deliver exceptional entertainment and impressive returns.

Entertainment By the Book

We believe in compelling storytelling, and look for powerful – and sometimes over-looked – literary works with strong potential to become more than a book. Why?

  • More than 65% of all film and television content began as literary adaptations
  • In 2013, more than 50 feature films were adapted from books
  • Approximately 500 television programs have been based on novels
  • 85% of all Academy Award winners for Best Picture were adapted from books

Efficient and focused, we can successfully develop the book rights we acquire without the overhead of studios and other expense-heavy production companies. And we’re adept at moving projects from book option to greenlight, and every stage in between.